57: I Only Think About the P

TMATGL Live! Stuart, Hope, and Carolyn speak with The Builder of Buoys himself: Ed Verhamme of LimnoTech and have a virtual appearance from IAGLR President Andy Bramburger in the first-ever IAGLR President Game of Nutrients face-off. This episode was recorded live from the Grand Rapids Brewing Company as part of the Joint Aquatic Sciences Meeting 2022.
This was super fun and thanks to those who could make it. Our next live event will be in Cleveland, probably on September 13. Details coming!

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Grand Rapids Brewing
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Show Credits:
Host & Executive Producer: Stuart Carlton
Co-Hosts: Carolyn Foley, Hope Charters
Producers: Hope Charters, Carolyn Foley, Megan Gunn, & Irene Miles
Associate Producer: Ethan Chitty
Edited by: Quinn Rose
Podcast art by: Joel Davenport
Music by: Stuart Carlton