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63: The Pull of a Long Hike

While Stuart is on vacation, we re-air this early 2020 talk with author and adventurer Loreen Niewenhuis about walking around the Great Lakes. How do you do it? One step at a time. Why do you do it? Well, that’s more complicated.

62: The G.L.O.A.T.

In this episode, Stuart and Hope talk with the mysterious voice behind the Lake Superior Twitter account about how he got started, why Lake Superior is the Greatest Lake of All Time, and more. PLUS: Great Lakes News with an Actual News Professional!

61: The Water We Swim In

Stuart and Carolyn speak with Bonnie Willison and Hali Jama, co-producers of The Water We Swim In, a great new podcast about Wisconsin and Great Lakes advocates working toward equity in a society where environmental injustice, racism, ableism and economic injustice are the waters we swim in. Plus: Great Lakes News with Titus Seilheimer, (one of) our own Dr(s) Fish(es).

60: The Sounds That Are Emitted

Stuart goes solo (Marc Maron-style!) to talk with Dr. Rosalyn Putland about her fascinating research on the soundscape ecology of Lake Superior.

59: They Opened the Eyes of People

Stuart and Renie discuss the lifes of Monty and Rose, Chicago's piping plover power couple, with Tamima Itani.

58: Look at What the Algae Are Doing

Special bonus episode? Special bonus episode! As a follow up to our Game of Nutrients, here are Andy Bramburger's answers in full.

57: I Only Think About the P

TMATGL Live! Stuart, Hope, and Carolyn speak with The Builder of Buoys himself: Ed Verhamme of LimnoTech and have a virtual appearance from IAGLR President Andy Bramburger in the first-ever IAGLR President Game of Nutrients face-off. This episode was recorded live from the Grand Rapids Brewing Company as part of the Joint Aquatic Sciences Meeting 2022.

56: Nerd out about Mussels

Stuart and Carolyn speak with Dr. Ashley Elgin of NOAA's Great Lakes Environmental Research Lab about the benthos, mussels, and other dreissenids. And buoys. Re-uploaded with the right title!

55: Ask Dr. Fish

Fish questions? Science questions? Life questions? Titus Seilheimer and Katie O'Reilly, our Dr(s) Fish(es), have answers!

54: Water Is Sacred

Stuart and Megan speak with Dr. Lorrilee McGregor, Assistant Professor of Indigenous Health at the Northern Ontario School of Medicine about the Whitefish River First Nation Water Protection Plan, traditional knowledge, and the ineffectiveness of being mad all of the time.

53: Source, Path, People

Stuart and Renie speak with Dr. Rachel Havrelock of the University of Illinois - Chicago, about the stories that we tell about water, slow violence, and how the humanities are indispensable. Also: vegetarian sandwiches in Chicago.

52: Let's Buy a Vowel Here

PFAS, PFOS, CECs, PBDEs... In this episode, Stuart and Carolyn speak with Dr. Marta Venier of Indiana University about the alphabet soup of chemicals in the Great Lakes, with a focus on PFAS and PBDEs.

51: I Haven’t Eaten a Smelt Since

Stuart and Renie debut "Ask a Stupid Question, Get a Smart Answer" with Dr. John Janssen of the University of Milwaukee - Wisconsin. How many gobydogs do we have to sell in order to minimize the population? Tune in to...well, maybe not find out. But tune in!

50: A Bizarrely Average Year

Stuart and Carolyn speak with James Kessler of the NOAA Great Lakes Environmental Research Lab about lake ice coverage, shoveling snow for ice hockey, and the smoothest way to plug old episodes. Note that mere days after this was recorded, West Lafayette got about 18" of snow, so, as usual, Stuart has no idea what he is talking about.

49: I Recommend the Thunder Pass

We catch up with Stephanie Gandulla of the Thunder Bay National Marine Sanctuary and learn about diving the Great Lakes, the Tenth Annual Thunder Bay International Film Festival, and more. Plus: bonus John Candy content!

48: Lake Effect Snow is Magical (re-air)

Happy new year! While we recover from the Lakies and the holidays, we're re-airing our 2020 conversation with Tom Coomes of ABC 57 in South Bend.

47: The Lakies

The First Annual Lakies, or, quite possibly not the least prestigious Great Lakes-focused awards ceremony there is.

46: It’s All Stuff That I’ve Eaten

We celebrate the #25DaysOfFishmas the only way we know how: a fish draft! Stuart and Carolyn are joined by Titus Seilheimer of Wisconsin Sea Grant and the creator of Fishmas herself, Katie O'Reilly. Come for the fish picks, stay for interesting facts about card games, chomper size, and anuses.

45: The Season of Giving

A palette-cleanser after the nonsense-heavy Lakehouse of Terror. In this episode, we focus on groups making a difference in the Great Lakes. We conduct two interviews with people who are making a difference: Mark Mattson of Lake Ontario Waterkeeper/Swim Drink Fish and Mark Fisher of the Council of the Great Lakes Region about their Circular Great Lakes initiative. We know that these are challenging times, but there are a lot of worthy nonprofits who could use your help. Please consider supporting them!

44: Lakehouse of Terror I

Our Halloween special, with guest Geneva Langeland of Michigan Sea Grant.

43: We Weren't Shooting up from the Bottom

Hope (!) and Stuart speak with Dr. Kelly Robinson of the Michigan State University Quantitative Fisheries Scientist Center about her use of structured decision making in the Great Lakes, her time in a submersible, and the special joy of rotenone surveys.

42: I Need to Get More Lakes

Stuart speaks with Dr. Sapna Sharma about her large-scale work on lakes and lake ice and what that means for our climate and culture. How do you switch scales from thinking small to thinking big? Or are you just born that way? Plus the most interestingly named café of the year.

41: Clean Litter, Collect Data, and Capture Community Attention

Talking Trash with Dr. Rafaela Gutierrez of the University of Toronto Trash Team about their innovative research, education, and outreach project. Plus, Top 3 Tips for Reducing Trash in the Great Lakes!

40: DNA from the Cheeks

BONUS PLOVER EPISODE! Stuart and Carolyn speak with Dr. Francie Cuthbert, one of the world's preeminent plover experts, about piping plovers. This was recorded shortly after our last episode; in it we go more in-depth on plover biology before the conversation takes a slight tern (haha) to cormorants. Plus: poop!

39: Cottonballs with Toothpick Legs

Piping plovers in Chicago? Piping plovers in Chicago! Stuart speaks with Jillian Farkas about piping plovers: what are they, why are they endangered, and what can we do about it? Also, it turns out piping plovers are very cute. Especially the babies.

38: Taking Nutrients Down to the Bottom

In this episode, Stuart and Megan talk with Dr. Rob Mooney of the UW Center for Limnology about nutrients in the Great Lakes, classic rock, and pasties.

37: Seventy Scouts in an Enclosed Tube

Stuart and Carolyn speak with Cathy Green, Executive Director of the Wisconsin Maritime Museum, about Wisconsin's maritime history including, somehow, submarines. Plus: BROOD X UPDATE, etc.

36: Change is Inevitable

Stuart and Carolyn speak with Vidya Balasubramanyam about lake level change and her work with municipalities to adapt to it. Tune in for an all-too-rare dose of optimism and a particular fact about donuts that, while true, we hadn't considered before.

35: Most Weather Weenies Will Probably Remember (re-air, new title)

Happy Independence Day, US Americans! This is a timely rebroadcast of TMATGL 17, "Flip, Float, and Follow" with Meg Dodson of the National Weather Service...but maybe it's new to you? We talk about weather forecasting, derechos, and water safety.

34: A Million Little Triangles

Stuart and Carolyn speak with Dr. Eric Anderson of NOAA's Great Lakes Environmental Research Lab about Enbridge Line 5, hydrodynamic modeling, and the novelty sodas of the 1990s.