56: Nerd out about Mussels

Stuart and Carolyn speak with Dr. Ashley Elgin of NOAA's Great Lakes Environmental Research Lab about the benthos, mussels, and other dreissenids. And buoys. Re-uploaded with the right title!
TMATGL MEETUP as part of the JASM conference! We'll be hanging out around 8pm on Monday, May 16th at the Grand Rapids Brewing Company...come hang out with us...we'll have stickers! Assuming they arrive in time!

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Show credits:
Host & Executive Producer: Stuart Carlton
Co-Host: Carolyn Foley
Producers: Hope Charters, Carolyn Foley, Megan Gunn, & Irene Miles
Associate Producer: Ethan Chitty
Edited by: Quinn Rose
Podcast art by: Joel Davenport
Music by: Stuart Carlton