Ask Dr. Fish 2: A Great Big Swimming Tongue

We ask about fish tongues, Fishmas, and fish noir.
Note: We aren't sure if we're always going to release the Ask Dr Fish episodes in the Teach Me About the Great Lakes feed. Do you have an opinion either way? Let us know!

Show links:

NPR article on tongue-eating louse:

Sturgeon suction feeding video:

Paddlefish video:

Shedd Aquarium sucker tagging:

Barry Adams: How come I don't always catch fish?

USFWS page on channel catfish:

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Hosts & Producers: Stuart Carlton, Carolyn Foley, Katie O'Reilly, Titus Seiheimer
Coordinating producer: Hope Charters
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Edited by: Quinn Rose
Artwork by: Ethan Kocak
Music by: Stuart Carlton