This Is Possibly the Best Thing I've Ever Done

This week's episode is LIVE from the amazing Amsterdam Brewhouse on the Lake in Toronto, Ontario! We're joined by the wonderful Dr. Katie Stammler of the Essex Region Conservation Authority and the Great Lakes HABs Collaborative and we talk about HABs, gobies, and more. This show was recorded as part of the International Association for Great Lakes Research 2023 annual conference. It was a really fun episode to record; we hope you enjoy it!

Show links:
IAGLR 2023
Amsterdam Brewhouse on the Lake
Dr. Katie Stammler's Twitter
Great Lakes HABs Collaborative (aka CollHABorative)
HABs Collaborative Research Mapper
TMATGL 74: It Depends on How You Do a One (David Ruck Episode)
The Carvery

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Co-Hosts: Hope Charters, Megan Gunn
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